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Hiring the right Hesperia divorce lawyer  and family law attorney is very important for your case. When filing for a separation or dissolution of marriage you definitely have your expectations as far as the process is concerned. However, the divorce laws as well as issues that come up during the legal process can determine the steps that your divorce process undergoes. This is why you need an experienced family law & divorce lawyer on your side through out the whole step However, if you live in CA, below are some of the common steps that your divorce process will take:

1. Legal separation
This is possible only if you do not have property, children and debts, making it hard for your divorce to take effect. In case there are issues surrounding the divorce, however, then there will be the need to move to the next step of the divorce to protect both party interests.

2. Petition filing
You might require the services of a divorce attorney to help with the filing of the original petition in case you are not in a position to do it yourself. It is done by the local court clerk and it identifies both parties as well the children and also state the reason for the divorce usually incompatibility or irreconcilable differences. You will be the petitioner if you are the party filing for the petition and your spouse is the respondent or defendant. The petition will then be served to the respondent and he or she will have the right to hire an attorney too.

3. Temporary divorce order issuance
The court at this point can issue the orders for temporary divorce with clear actions to be taken, including spousal support, child support and also child custody.

4. Divorce discovery
This mechanism takes place after the temporary orders and it is all about gathering information on the parties in the divorce. The steps include disclosures, interrogatories, fact, admission, production request and depositions during which mediation is made to reach an agreement between you and your spouse.

5. Court trial
In case the mediation fail, then dates are set for court trials where you both get the chance to argue your cases before the judge. Your attorney will help you with the court rules so that you attain proper behavior throughout to make an impression which can determine the outcome of the settlement.

6. Court decision
After the trial in divorce court, the judge will then make a ruling and sign final divorce decree. In the decree, property division and orders regarding child support and custody as well as spousal maintenance is clearly stated.

7. Divorce appeal
In case you are not happy and content with the court orders, then you can file an appeal motion or request for a new hearing on the divorce. The court can allow or deny the appeal.

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