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Welcome to our San Bernardino child custody lawyer web page. We help with new child support or modification order all over SB County. Child Custody Law is governed by the California Family Code specifically under its Division on Child Custody. So if you or a loved one need help contact a San Bernardino child custody attorney for one of the best representations at affordable fees.

“Cut the child in half” is the verdict of King Solomon in one of the famous child custody case in the Scriptures between two mothers each of which claim the child as their own. But as events unfold, the child was finally awarded to the true mother. The true mother offers herself to be cut or killed instead of the child in contrast to the impostor who just remained silent.

Well, the modern child custody law has come a long way since the time of King Solomon but basically the principles remains the same: who is the best person to whom the child is to be awarded? And who can promote the best interest and welfare of the child?

Helping You Understand Child Custody Laws in California

Child custody is a proceeding in court to determine to whom a particular child or children is to be given between the parent or person qualified to take care and to promote the best interest and general welfare of the child.

All child custody cases are governed by law and generally not subject to any kind of stipulation whatsoever. In every child custody case there’s always judicial intervention or involvement of the judicial system.

A child is a person below 18 years of age. As such, it has no legal capacity yet and so under the guidance and custody of the parents. Under the law the parents must exercise joint parental custody.

This simply means that both parents ought to share all the right and responsibility about the decision-making process concerning the child’s health, education and welfare.

You must constantly remember that a child custody case is not a legal battle over the technicality of the law for the focus of the court is always the best interest and welfare of the child.

A child custody case is an action in person, meaning that it is a suit in court directed against a particular person. It may be filed in court as an independent legal action or as an incident of any action for annulment of marriage or legal separation.

Any proposed written agreement concerning the child custody must be approved by the court. Usually the court appoints a lawyer or a guardian ad litem so as to protect the rights and interests of the child during the course of the proceedings.

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The field of child custody law in San Bernardino  involves all the technicalities and intricacies of the law on the subject. One may lose a child custody case not because his or her side of the case does not impress with merits but due to ineffective legal representation in court.

In any potential child custody or modification case one must be careful in the selection of a lawyer. You must have the utmost trust and confidence to the attorney you retain. Not only that, such counsel must possess both legal knowledge and at the same time long experience in child custody litigation.

In sensitive and emotionally-charged matter such as a child custody case, you need to have an attorney who would champion your cause in court.

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