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Finding the right Redlands divorce and family law lawyer that will advocate for your interest when a divorce is initiated by couples in California, is very important.

A lot of aspects need to be taken into consideration for all parties.

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Redland Divorce and Family Law

The California divorce law has many rules and procedures which are applied to opposite-sex couples, registered domestic partners and legally married same-sex couples.

California allows a divorce to proceed without the need to find fault with any party. This no-fault divorce rule permits a simpler activation of severing marriage ties easily between two individuals without proof of responsibility on the breakdown of the marriage.

Property Settlement in a Marriage Split

When a divorce is activated in Redlands, California, involved parties would be concerned about the division of property that was formerly shared. In this community property state, the law requires all shared property from home and income to personal property acquired during the marriage to be termed community property with a fair division ruled by the court.

All debts incurred during the marriage would also be equally divided between the parties as vindicated by the court unless the parties agree on the division of property amiably outside the court via hired legal representations or personally.

The state court does not impose its jurisdiction on property acquired before marriage or after separation. Neither does the court judge preside over property by bequest or inheritance.

Seeking the Best of Marriage Separation Alimony in California

Another aspect of divorce in Redlands, California would be the alimony sought by one spouse to secure support after the divorce. This would be taken up by the state court in considering several factors such as:

  • Each spouse’s income
  • Standard of living during marriage
  • Age and health of both spouses
  • Duration of marriage

A short term marriage of less than a decade would incur a court order of monetary support of half the marriage duration. Long term marriage may incur a court order support for a longer period or until the recipient spouse is deemed to be self-supporting. The exact amount of support is decided by the court judge based on the current living expenses and lifestyle of the recipient spouse as well as any minors to be cared for.

The involved parties can also choose to settle alimony outside the court between themselves through their hired legal representations if an amicable solution or support quantum can be agreed upon. Many factors of consideration would be taken into account to reach a favorable figure and duration.

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