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If you are looking to obtain a restraining order or defend you against one, our San Bernardino domestic violence lawyer  can help you. Having an experienced domestic violence attorney in San Bernardino County is crucial for your safety.

The state of California exercises strict family laws to protect all parties in the family unit when trouble brews in the form of:
• Impending divorce
• Domestic violence
• Child abuse

Spouses who are caught in any of these situations should consult a qualified and experienced San Bernardino divorce lawyer to understand their custody rights and the family law of California.

California Domestic Violence Leading to Restraining Order

California domestic violence is serious matter and serious consequences may await the defendant if found guilty in hurting dependents repeatedly. It is then very important for spouses accused of domestic violence to understand the charge and the consequence as per state law.

It may be a false accusation by the spouse to rattle fear in the other who might be considering equal custody rights on their dependents. As the state family courts are very protective over children in the home, any charge on domestic violence with proof may instigate a restraining order on the defendant which puts a damper on the record even when the case is not heard officially in the court.

Accused spouse of domestic violence should hire the best of San Bernardino family law domestic violence attorneys to be briefed and counseled on family law in California, the penalties and course of action pertaining to the charges.

Any allegation even without solid evidence may cause the court to impose a restraining order on the father who is accused of abusing the dependents. Moreover, the spouse rights usually disintegrate immediately until trial.

Complying with Court Protective Orders

A restraining order by the state court is also known as a protection order to protect the welfare of dependents that are caught in divorce or domestic violence cases.

A skilled family lawyer can present the case deftly to present a potential fear and possible harm on the dependents by the defendant father to cause a protection order to be activated by the state court. It is a tactical offensive weapon to break the offense of fathers seeking custody on dependents; of which are not favored by the spouse.
It is possible for protection orders to be abused or manipulated by the spouse citing allegations and emergency situations without any notice to the father who is the defending party. Facts about domestic violence or child abuse can be fabricated to favor the spouse in securing the restraining order that would keep the father away from the children until the court hearing is set on the divorce case.

The defendant of whom the restraining order is imposed on must comply with the length and breadth of the order until the hearing of the trial. It can be a most difficult situation for the father whose basic custody rights are stripped off with a restraining order.

The spouse may be forced out of the home temporarily without the normal parenting and interaction time with the children while the restraining order is in effect. This makes a protection or restraining order the undesired de facto custody order that does not favor the other party.

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