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Welcome to our experienced San Bernardino move away hearing lawyer webpage. Our San Bernardino relocation request attorney understand that child custody is usually an emotionally charged issue in any divorce case where both parents want their children to be with them. The State of California caters to such volatile family disputes with stringent family laws to protect the minors.

Clear Scope Of Legal Requirements In Child Custody

Parents or grandparents who are entangled in a child custody dispute in California would need to understand the state laws on this issue to get their heart’s desire. Our legal is a strong legal firm of 30 years in family law practices in the state of California with a favorable track record. We can help you prepare for the complex court proceedings and processes involved in child custody. We are prepared for move away hearings where a child custody case can be so volatile and emotional that one parent may propose to move out of the marital home with the minors.

Our dynamic team on child custody can propose many actions that can prevent such a move based on the circumstances and evidence.

California Family Law Codes That Impact Child Custody

There are certain conditions which govern the custodian of a minor in a marital home that is facing disputes. If one of the parents is the primary custodial parent, the following rules apply:

  • An existing court order that awarded the parent as primary custodian
  • The primary custodian has the right to change the child’s residence unless the state court intervenes with a removal restrain order
  • Residential changes for the child is allowed by the primary custodian unless the move proves to be detrimental to the child

Our experienced legal team are able to interpret the state family laws and rules to provide the best of options for our clients when it comes to child custody in a divorce or separation case. We can assist in securing the best move away hearings to ensure a stronger basis for continual custody of the minor.

The State Court On Move Away Hearings

The state court would take the minor’s preferences into due consideration when conducting an evidentiary hearing before permitting a move away hearing unless the parent is a primary custodian with a previous court order awarded. Our sharp-minded lawyers are always looking at different angles to turn the case in our clients’ favor. Our move away hearing law firm in San Bernardino, CA in-depth knowledge and fine legal skills in California family law permit our experienced lawyers an insightful approach to the case for a favorable outcome.