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Welcome to our experienced and one of the best San Bernardino prenuptial agreement lawyer and postnuptial agreement attorney website. Most people do not go into marriage in SB county hoping that one day they will divorce. However, the reality is that it happens. This is why you need marital agreement attorney to help you draft an agreement before or during a marriage to protect your financial future.

Prenuptial Agreement Meaning

What is a pre nuptial agreement ? this is a marital agreement that legally shows which assets each couples owns before marriage. The reason why people do this it to make sure that during a divorce that everyone keeps what they bring before the marriage.

What is a Postnuptial Agreement?

The the short definition is that a post nuptial agreement allows a couple to protect separate assets they acquired while they are married. This protection for financial interest is very important when couples have accumulated a large of wealth during their marriage.

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